Michael Defeo is a traditional and digital sculptor. He works in marble,
bronze, resins and fabric to create figurative works that explore his
experience of the world. Inspired by classic and contemporary artists like Michelangelo, Bernini, Carpeaux, Dali, Giacometti and Dr. Seuss. His work as head of Sculpting at the animation studio Blue Sky, is present in his art as he fuses all these influences into a synthesis of beautiful, disturbing and dynamic forms.


“Trade Show” Istanbul Turkey 2009

“Digital sculpture exhibition to china” Beijing China 2009
“Art of Ice Age” La Baule 2008, Paris 2009
“Totoro” San Francisco 2008
“An Afternoon with Art and Horses” Scarsdale NY 2008
“Duex Atiliers” Paris 2007
“Brewery Art walk” Los Angeles 2007
“Edgy and Elegant” White Plains NY 2006

Blue Sky Studios

Head of Sculpting 2006- present

Horton Hears a Who
Ice Age 3

Head of Modeling 1996-2006

Ice Age
Ice Age 2


NYU lecture series
Gobelin l’ecole de l’image
Columbia lecture
Sculpture Blue Sky Studios

Blue Sky Studios
Head of Sculpting

Michael Defeo

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