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PROOF: Media for Social Justice

PROOF uses visual storytelling for genocide prevention and peacebuilding By partnering with local organizations in post-conflict societies, PROOF creates visual documentary projects that become sustainable educational tools in regions riven by recent armed conflict and atrocities. PROOF’s mission is to contribute to research and scholarship, develop educational materials for local and international use, and encourage activism and empowerment to promote social change.

Under the leadership of Gabriel Sara, MD, Executive Director of the Patient Services initiative at the Continuum Cancer Centers of New York, St Luke’s Roosevelt, the Fund has allowed patients to enjoy a wide array of benefits. While receiving chemotherapy, patients can engage in visual arts and music therapy under the guidance of a professional trained artist. Patients have also access to  massage therapists during their visit for treatment. In addition, the fund offers a travel program in which patients enter a raffle to win a trip.

Konbit Shelter

Konbit Shelter began as a sustainable building project in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, and has developed into a long-term relationship between two communities, based on a shared commitment to the process of recovery. Initiated by a small group of artists interested in how the creative process might positively impact people’s lives in times of crisis, Konbit Shelter has collaborated with the village of Cormiers, Haiti, to create a community center and two single-family houses, as well as the seeds of initiatives in sustainability and education.

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